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Slight change in description on Lot 27, noted in red.
Lot 73 is H&K 270 (not 260)

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Category: 1853 New York Crystal Palace (1 to 3)

The First World's Fair held in the United States. The New York Crystal Palace was located on 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, also known as Bryant Park.
Final Bid
 White Metal Medal. Obverse: Seated Liberty with American Shield above "1853." Around the edge "In Unitate Nationum Scientia Artesque Florebunt" (In unity the science, arts and wisdom of a nation will flourish). In small letters directly under Liberty is "C. Stubenrauch St. Louis Mo." Reverse: In the center is the picture of the (written above) "New York Crystal Palace." Below building "For the exhibition of the Industry of all Nations." In small writing under the building "Desig. By Carstensen & Gildemeister." (H&K 6). Size: 1 3/4" diameter by 1/8+" thick. Condition: Extremely Fine with a couple of rim dings and a few dark spots, most notably in the center of the obverse.  
$ 267
 Silver Toned Medal with high relief image of the Crystal Palace on the obverse with "Building for the Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations". Underneath the picture is "New York", "MDCCCLIII". In tiny letters at the bottom is "Dowler Birm." Reverse: Inside the wreath that is around the edge is "The First Pillar was erected October 30th 1852. Opened May 2nd 1853." In tiny print is "Messrs Carstensen & Gildemiester Architects". Size: 2" diameter by 5/32" thick. Condition: Very Fine with some light scratches, some black spots and a little wear.  
$ 150
 "Stuart's Topographical Map of the Crystal Palace and Guide to the Revised Official Catalogue of the Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations, Published by G. P. Putnam & Co., 10 Park Place. New Your, 1853." A 2 sided Floor Plan of the "Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations. New York 1853." The plan identifies the booth layout with the country names in the layout and "Galleries. References." Also includes the "List of classes into which articles are divided.", "Official Regulation of the Exhibition.", "References including 'Ground Floor', 'Machine arcade', "Telegraphs, Expresses, Etc." This was printed by "Baker, Godwin & Co. Metropolitan Steam Printing House, No. 1 Spruce Street, opposite City Hall, New York." with an original price of 6 cents. Very Rare. (I've seen and owned a few guide books, but I have never seen this floor plan.) Size: 17" wide by 14" high. Condition: Very Fine. It is soiled and a tear in the center where the folds meet. It is also a little wrinkled.  
$ 75
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