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Auction Ended: Tuesday - March 3rd, 2020 at 10:00 PM EST

Auction Local Time: Aug 13, 2022 01:34:24 EDT

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Category: 1851 Exhibition of All Nations (1 to 2)

The London Crystal Palace - the First World's Fair
Final Bid
 Large Chocolate "Prize Medal" in High Relief that was given to (these words are engraved into the edge of the medal) "J. Sugden & Brothers." "Class XII". The medal is in high relief. Obverse of the medal pictures the bust of Victoria and Albert with "Victoria D:G: Brit. Reg F:D: Albertus Princeps Conjux." around the edge and "MDCCCLI" at the bottom. In small letters next to the year is "W. Wyon R.A." on the left and "Royal Mint." on the right. Reverse: In the center is a seated woman with a wreath being placed on her head by a woman. On the right is a woman who is wearing a crown with 3 other woman next to her and an elephant's head above one of the women's heads. Around the top edge is "dissociate Locis Concordi Pace Ligavit." At the bottom in small letters is "Leonard C: Wyon DES: & SC:" and "Royal Mint 1851". Around the edge is also written "Prize Medal of the Exhibition". Size: Medal is 3" diameter and 1/4" thick. Condition: Near Mint.  
$ 345
 Copper Medal advertising a company that makes coin and medal presses. Obverse pictures the Crystal Palace in the center with "Exhibition Palace" written above and "London 1851" below. Reverse is all writing, "T. Pope & Co.", "The Improved Coin and Press Makers", "56 St. Pauls Sqr Birmingham." Size: 7/8" diameter. Condition: Extremely Fine with light wear, light scratches and overall age toning.  
$ 40
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