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Auction Ended: Tuesday - January 10th, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT

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Category: 1853 New York Crystal Palace (1 to 1)

The First World's Fair held in the United States. The New York Crystal Palace was located on 5th Avenue and 42nd Street, also known as Bryant Park.
Final Bid
 Large Engraved Print, printed in blue, titled "PANORAMA OF THE GREAT METROPOLIS". Pictured are 7 images: "The New York Crystal Palace", "The Latting Observatory", an aerial view of "New York from Union Square", "Bird's Eye View of New York", a street map of lower Manhattan, an area map including Eastern New Jersey, and a map of the Hudson River Va;;ey with all the towns listed from New York to Albany. This was printed by "Richardson - Cox, N.Y." Very Rare. Size: 22 3/8" wide by 17 3/4" high. Condition: Extremely Fine with a few spots. The item was originally folded (and will be mailed folded), and the folds are visible. There is also one 5/8" tear on a fold that has been repaired with tape on the back.  
$ 337
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